David's Corner

Gramercy Hotel Bar

Posted: 03-31-2015

Recently we were in NYC and wanted a cocktail before going to BLT Prime. for dinner. I've always heard about the Gramercy Hotel, so we decided to check it out. We entered the hotel and went over to the bar lounge area. Definitely a good vibe. There are two cool bar areas, the one we went felt like a living room and had fireplace area which was warm and beautiful. Drinks are New York pricey as expected, but the service was great. Would love to stay at this hotel in the future, its in a fantastic part of the city. (and also they let you use the "key" to the Gramercy Park!)

Amazon Prime

Posted: 03-27-2015

Scott has been begging me to sign up for Amazon Prime for months! At first I was hesitant, why should I pay the yearly fee to get items I can usually just buy at a store? I thought it would never be worth it. While I will never buy speciality items online, I found that for everyday needs such as office supplies and home essentials amazon makes it very convenient, especially with the free two day shipping. But the real bonus is the free streaming video service! You can watch movies, TV shows and more. Even some shows that you can't get on any other service such as the series "Transparent". I highly recommend Amazon Prime (Thanks Scott!)

AMAZING Local Bagels

Posted: 11-04-2014

I really do love Jenkintown, but I can say objectively that Fill-a-Bagel has some of the best bagels anywhere. They are a little crusty and not oversize or over-breadie (I don't think that's a word). Even though I like the genuine NY bagel, Fill-a-Bagel doesn't try to copy it, which is a breath of fresh air. I have customers from NY and they love these bagels as much as the ones in the city. They also have great coffee!

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