David's Corner

Gramercy Tavern

Posted: 04-22-2015

If you're going to New York City and want to eat at a great place, you've got to check out Gramercy Tavern. Scott and I happened to have gotten very lucky to get seated right away in the bar area, which does not take reservations and usually comes with a hefty wait time (although we did get there at 5pm on a Monday). This restaurant has been highly reviewed and recommended by many, and it did not let us down! The a la carte menu was not to deep, but everything on it is top notch. We especially liked the fish croquette salad which they split for us, and the jerk pork and grilled cobia were also outstanding. The food was definitely Michelin star worthy. Above all, to our surprise the prices on the menu were more reasonable than we expected. You can also dine in the rear dining area which offers only a pre fixed menu and you need reservations (which are very tough to get).

Buying Jewelry on Vacation

Posted: 04-04-2015

I would like to give a "shout out" to the Today Show episode that aired on April 2nd, the Rossen report segment "Buyer beware: Jewels purchased at vacation destinations may be overpriced". For years and years I have helped many customers with issues from quality and repair to overcharging and misrepresentation, from these stores in the islands. The fact that jewelry is neither manufactured, nor are stones mined or cut in these islands, and that these incredible stores with incredible bargains do not have any stores in the United States should be an obvious red flag. Most of the jewelry that is being sold in the islands is coming from the U.S. and most of that jewelry is either close outs or items that if represented properly would be the same price or less in this country. And at the very least, when you buy in this country you have the opportunity and convenience to revisit your local jeweler should there be any issue with your purchase.

Pinnacle Peak

Posted: 04-02-2015

In January we spent some time in northern Scottsdale in Troon. I really liked that it was a little more removed from the commercial areas of Scottsdale, yet close enough to what you need. The visuals and landscape in that area are fantastic! Great daily activities, low humidity , you almost couldn't ask for more. We stayed right next to "Pinnacle Peak", which is a fantastic park where you can walk, hike or jog on the well maintained path. The views from the were incredible. There are many other parks in the area that are also really great. One is "Tom's Thumb" which was a little more difficult, but the views are off the charts!! Well worth it!! The weather in January is a little cold at night,l but during the day it heated up to around high 60's. It was surprisingly comfortable enough to hang at the pool everyday. I would assume that in February and March the weather would be more guaranteed.

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